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Peak Performance Labs Cellflo6

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Cellflo6 is formulated with a specific level of catechin which is found in green tea. Cellflo6 has been clinically researched and proven to be more than just "green tea" but a complete game changer due to its many health benefits which will be discussed further in detail. 

At doses of around 300-600 mg of well-studied catechins, this supplement fights free-radical damage at the cellular and tissue level, reducing oxidative stress which boosts and strengthens immunity and recovery. This in turn accelerates performance and post-workout muscle recovery. Talking about vasodilation, Cellflo6 has become a popular addition to many pre workouts and stim free pre workouts thanks to its ability to enhance blood flow allowing better vasodilation and nutrient delivery.

Other benefits of Cellflo6 include fat loss via increased metabolism. Cardiovascular health is a very undervalued factor, thanks to Cellflo6 that will change due to it's positive effects on the cardiovascular system. 

Cellflo6 does NOT contain any stimulants making it a versatile product to have anytime of the day. We recommend stacking Cellflo6 with Nuclear Pre &/or Pump for sickening pumps and improved performance that will lead to unforgettable workouts. 

300mg - 1000mg daily. 

Peak Performance Cellflo6 provides a substantial amount of Cellflo6 per dosage (3 capsules =1000mg) giving you the higher end of the scale to experience the true effectiveness of Cellflo6 and providing 28 full servings! 

All these benefits make Cellflo6 the ideal compound for anyone looking to improve their overall health and performance, in and out of the gym. This is not just your regular green extract in a capsule but a precise level of catechins that will change and improve your life and at a full serving size of 1000mg you will feel its full force of Cellflo6

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