Osmo Pharma Aminolean 2.0 (Peach)

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Amino infused thermogenic drink

  • Clinically proven ingredients for weight loss.
  • Amino Infused Thermogenic formula.
  • Healthy level of caffeine and natural stimulants.
  • Added Carnitine Tartrate.
  • Added BCAA's to prevent catabolic state and muscle waste.
  • Optimal for Weight loss and tone up goals.
  • B6-Vitamins & B12-Vitamins to repel fatigue.
AMINO-LEAN delivers significant doses of today’s most advanced ingredients. 
  • 500mg Carnitine Tartrate
    • 500mg Green Coffee Bean
    • 300Mg Raspberry Ketones
    • 300mg Magnésium Citrate
    • 135mg Caffeine
    • Contains B Complex, Bcaa's and Taurine
    • Vegan
    • No colors or dyes
    • 40 Servings