Pharmafreak Creatine Freak 30 Servings

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PharmaFreak Creatine Freak is concentrated creatine for increased muscle and strength.


Trusted Lean Muscle Combo


If you want to increase lean muscle then a whey protein shake and creatine are what athletes have used for many years.

The manufacturers have used the latest cutting-edge form of creatine called Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL).


Better Results


Benefits of using Creatine HCL are that it causes no bloating, does not have a "loading" phase like traditional creatine results in greater strength and muscle growth by pulling fluid into the muscle cell.


More Workout Endurance


Adding Beta-Alanine to the formulation will give improved endurance and shorter recovery times. Beta-Alanine and Creatine provide an excellent combination to a performance enhancing product which few brands take advantage of.


Improved Nutrient Uptake


More important than providing correct dosages of each ingredient is how well your body absorbs and utilises them. AstraGin is a nutrient uptake enhancer proven to increase absorption of amino acids.


Razor-sharp Focus


During training mental focus is important for an athlete as it helps them concentrate on the muscles being used, making sure they use correct form and limiting distractions.

Creatine Freak includes Oleuropein Aglycone (OA) which stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain from improved focus.


Potent Training Booster


This is probably the strongest creatine product we've seen which is perfect if you are looking for a caffeine-free pre-workout.