Pharmafreak Vegan Freak 850g 30 Servings (Natural Vanilla)

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PharmaFreak Vegan Freak

Plant-based protein powder made up of three vegan proteins. It provides a full spectrum of the essential and nonessential amino acids your body needs to support your goals and maintain overall health!

VEGAN FREAK delivers low-allergenic sources of organic and non-GMO proteins to help you reach all your goals.

What Makes VEGAN FREAK Unique?

  1. VEGAN FREAK delivers 3 top-quality plant protein sources: organic hemp, yellow pea & sacha inchi.
  2. VEGAN FREAK also provides an array of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants from a Superfood Support Blend made up of chia powder, Hawaiian spirulina, Nova Scotia dulse and kelp.
  3. VEGAN FREAK is naturally flavored and sweetened and contains zero artificial ingredients.