Quest Protein Bar Individual (Chocolate Brownie)

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Complete dairy-based protein for a full amino acid profile


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Every chocolate flavoured chip, cookie chunk, and inclusion is custom created by us


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Sweet without all the sugar: low calorie sweeteners that do not spike blood sugar

Quest takes pride in being the first ones to produce the world’s finest, high quality protein bars that contain no simple carbs, harmful sugar alcohols, and no glycerin. They present you with a healthy product that includes clean nutritional profiles and one that doesn’t skip out on flavor. Their goal is that people like to enjoy what they are eating, and even feel as though they are splurging!

Quest knows what it’s like to pursue a weight-loss goal. Their mission is to give you a protein bar that allows you to keep on going with your current diet plan without adding any unnecessary carbs, making their bars the perfect choice of protein for any diet. Not only that, but they are packed with fiber to help you feel full while aiding in digestion and weight loss.