XP Labs ISO XP Collagen Shake 2lbs (Cocoa Cereal)

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Get the edge you need to meet your fitness goals with ISO XP Collagen Shake! Certified non-GMO, grass fed, and hormone free, this product contains 20g of collagen, 10g fiber, 3g prebiotics, and 17 amino acids – including 14.8g EAA and 1.3g BCAA – to fuel you up for whatever comes your way. Plus, there’s no need to worry about artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners as all ISO XP Collagen Shake products are free from these ingredients. Try out the delicious Cocoa Cereal and Fruity Cereal flavours which are both gluten free and keto friendly. So get ready for unbeatable results with just one scoop of our ISO XP Collagen!