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NeuroPEA™ is a new age stimulant that is a component of Eria Jarensis. NeuroPEA™ shares a lot of
characteristics with the notorious DMAA - a stimulant which has been banned for sometime. NeuroPEA™ acts
similarly but without the same harsh side effects which caused the FDA to ban DMAA.

NeuroPEA™ is NOT banned by the FDA. This PEA like substance has shown promising results. This has made
it exceptionally appealing to more and more supplement companies seeking something less harsh than DMAA
but with similar properties without being banned.

NeuroPEA™ has a wealth of benefits which include:

Being that NeuroPEA™ is a stimulant, as expected one of the most notable features is the energy. The energy is
more intense but this makes this ideal for individuals seeking a stronger solution than caffeine and other
stimulants. With improved energy comes improved performance and productivity. 

Fat loss:
Due to the fact that NeuroPEA™ is a stimulant, it automatically helps accelerate fat loss by increasing heart rate
making this a great solution for those seeking to improve their fat loss efforts. Plus, being a stimulant, it also acts
naturally as a diuretic. It may also assist in suppressing appetite, making it easier to diet/restrict calorie intake. 

NeuroPEA™ helps release dopamine which makes it super effective in boosting mood and increasing euphoria,
making NeuroPEA™ a "feel good" compound that helps fight depression.

Another focal point of NeuroPEA™ is its ability to influence cognitive function making it great for boosting
productivity and performance in and out of the gym.

NeuroPEA™ is a great compound as a standalone stimulant but works best once combined with other stimulants
such as caffeine which makes the results even more prominent!