Savageline Labs Neurodrol (120 caps)

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Savage Line Labs Neurodrol is built to support mental focus, cognition, mood, and neuroprotection, although surprisingly not energy. The supplement is one of the rare competitors in the category that doesn’t utilize caffeine. That means there is no energy kick or hit at any point, but it does give you the opportunity to combine it with your own stimulant preference, whether that be another product or a refreshing energy drink.

You can see the entire formula in Neurodrol in the image above, and as mentioned, Savage Line Labs has squeezed in some solid highlights. A full six-capsule serving of the supplement packs 1.2g of alpha-GPC, one of the highest dosages we’ve seen, 2g of lion’s mane, another amount we haven’t come across before, half a gram of kanna, 330mg of bacopa, 200mg of theanine, 360mg of ginkgo, saffron extract, and huperzine A.