ProLine Bulgarian Tribulus (120 Caps)

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 TRIBULUS Terrestris is a naturally occurring herb found in Europe, and usually sourced from Bulgaria.  Tribulus Terrestris is the closest and strongest all natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones. This non-hormonal supplement is proven to increase testosterone levels in humans.

TRIBULUS Terrestris causes your body to release luteinizing hormone, which in turn then signals testicles in males, the ovary in females and the adrenal gland in both sexes, to naturally produce more testosterone. In males, testosterone is responsible for male characteristics, libido, regulating puberty, sperm production, metabolism and the growth of all body tissues including muscles. Testosterone promotes protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance, which is beneficial for muscle cell growth and increased body strength, as well as faster recovery after a work out.

TRIBULUS leads to an increase in the production of natural levels of testosterone in the body. Tribulus has been shown in European studies to increase sperm count and help with impotence. Aside from sex drive, mood and self-confidence, testosterone maintains and builds muscle mass (thus the use of steroids, which is synthetic testosterone). Muscle in turn, burns fat and keeps the metabolism up, while maintaining lean body mass. The increased drive that testosterone brings, must be combined with weight training, which also raises testosterone, in order to gain serious muscle growth.